Making Posts Lovable

February 8, 2019
This week brings a bunch of new updates to Learney
Making Posts Lovable

This week brings a bunch of new updates to Learney, but probably the most exciting one is about being able to like stories shared within the community.

Is it really such a big deal? It’s just pretty simplistic heart icon at first, but it serves multiple purposes. In today’s post, I’d like to explain to you my motivation behind introducing it to the platform.

First and foremost - trust. Learney users should trust the resources that can be found in this place. By introducing likes, one can easily see how popular and trustworthy given resource is, and as a result - you can follow it with much bigger confidence. I don’t want to create yet another bag of links in a form of aggregator, but instead, the goal is to be able to gather knowledge of top quality. Quality is now expressed by the number of likes a given story gets after being published.

Secondly, Learney is powered by its community. In this context, likes create an environment where users actively contribute to everyday events and publications. We all know that there are more and more people using Learney to become a better specialist, and now they can help each other in raising the status of each story by liking it. That’s just a first step to make collaboration and interaction between Learney users easier, and more is yet to come in this area.

Last but not least, introducing likes is a great foundation for enhancing the usability of Learney. Having data about liked stories, Learney can get more rich search, sort, and filter criteria to find the topics you’re interested in even faster. One of the incoming updates will be focused especially on Learney as an aggregator, so stay tuned for dedicated search functionality, browsing paths, sorting by likes and much more. Our roadmap is full of exciting features and tweaks.

So that’s likes - a meaningful improvement which makes it easier to find quality content and a solid foundation for future enhancements. Have you found other newly released updates not mentioned in this article? ;)

Let me add one last thing before the end of this post. As always - huge “Thank you!” for everyone who decides to spend their time on writing ideas and suggestions to make Learney a great place for developers looking for valuable knowledge. I’m trying to make the best of your efforts, so expect to see more useful features in the future.

Stay tuned, keep learning!

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